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Yucca Root Kazoo

Yucca Root 01 just carved   Yucca Root 01 dry
Yucca Root 01 just carved                                                                   Yucca Root 01 dry
A kazoo carved from yucca root.  The one on the left is just carved.  The one on the right has dried.  It didn't shrink much.  On its surface the grain is more pronouned. Where the inner part is, it it very white and has the texture of chalk.

When fresh it carves similarly to sweet potato, but there are some cavities running part way through the length, which you should try to locate and avoid. when carving the face.  It dried a lot faster than sweet potato and didn't shrink nearly as much.

I don't have pictures of the back yet, because they turned out blurry and will have to be retaken.

It will need a protective finish and to have a membrane put over the resonating chamber in the back.

When dry the yucca is a little fragile, especially where the hollowing out for the resonating chamber has made the walls thinner. Holding too tightly or pressing causes them to break. but I have most of the pieces. I'll have to figure out what to glue it back together with that won't interfere with a finish.