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The group for people interested in kazoos.

  Ceramic Musical Instruments
a discussion forum for all aspects of musical instruments made from clay
Homemade Musical Instruments
This group is for people who build (or want to build) their own musical instruments.                                       

Unusual instruments: making, playing, collecting etc.
Web Sites

Captain Kazooz Kazoo Museum  
Great Site! Lots of information, pictures, etc. about kazoos.
Preserving Country Blues through Education, Performance and Technology

Kazoo Animals 
Offical Kazoo Fish?
The Humming Toad Fish

Kazoo Comics
The Skating Kazoo

Grumpy Lou & His Kazoo

A wonderful slide show by Elwood H. Smith

English Boulet Corp -- Kazoo
Can you spot the flaw in his technique?

Different Kazooz
 Duck Kazoo 
Hand made wooden duck kazoo

Kazoo Accessories
Kazoo Holders

Instructions for making a holder out of Home Depot 3 foot length of their #4 gauge solid copper wire (the stuff you use as grounding wire).

A kid make it version out of a wire coat hanger and tape.

Ukulele Underground
The guy in the video is using a round the neck wire frame, the kazoo is held with what looks like a rubber ring around it's tail.
I found the thing holding onto the kazoo tail is called a "Rubber cushioned Tube Clamp" or "Fixing Clamp with Rubber".
They come in a number of different sizes.  I believe they are sold by electronics suppliers or do an on-line search

Adapter for Harmonica Holder
A kazoo wooden holder that fits into a harmonica holder. It gives it nice flat sides that can be held securely by the metal bars.
 Design by  E.L. "Bones" Bach

Kazoo Coloring page

My K Book

Kazoo Makers  
Appalachian Concert Kazoos 
hardwoods kazoo with dual diaphragm design/shown held in a harmonica neck rack.

Aswewohomestead & Greataswegokazoofactory Blog -- A member of AAK
Includes a recording of their song "DON'T BE KAZOOLESS"

NEW-Cozy Kazoos -- A member of AAK

NEW-Thomas Rezanka
maker of Mirlitons and
Dudelsäcke (bagpipes)
in order to get to the Mirlitons/eunuch flutes/onion flutes
Choose "Aktuell" on the left of page, then choose 'Mirlitons"
also depending on your browser,
if you right click on a page in general sometimes one of the choices is to translate.

Mudcat Cafe
They specialize in folk music and blues.
Find a song in the
Digital Tradition Folk Song Database.

How to Form a Kazoo Band

Kazoo Songs
NEW-  Rockin' the Kazoo
By Randy Sauer

Suhwahaksaeng's List of Kazoo Concertos

Concerto for Kazoo and Famous Cellist
by Justin Locke

A Kazoo Song For National Kazoo Day
by 1213Lizard

Kazoo Koncerto
aka Kazoo Concerto
Mary Donnelly (Arr. George L. O. Strid)
This recording is the Southwest Women's Chorus
pdf of sheet music

Kazoo Concerto
Conducted and written by Kyle Miller
pdf of sheet music

"KAZZOO" by Mark Di Giuseppe-"The Straniero" "L'Orchestra Filarmonica dei Quartieri Spagnoli di Napoli"
The kazoo song is the little mp3 controler NOT the video, which is the same person, but not the "Kazzoo" song

"Kazoo to you, too!" by Teresa Jennings

"Oi Kazoo"
It mentions a song called "Oi Kazoo" but there is no recording of it.

"The Kazoo Song" by Judy Caplan Ginsburgh

Concerto for Kazoo in A Flat Minor
Although the composer?? says "(not that I know what key it's trying to be in, but I thought that sounded more hoity toity than just "I Can't Play the Kazoo")"

Don't Be Kazooless
Written and performed by Butch (George) Collins of the Great AsWeGo Kazoo Factory --  A member of AAK


Hum Don't Blow If You Wanna Get Paid
Written and performed by Captain Kazoo --  A member of AAK

I Love My Kazoo
written and performed by Kitty Kelley

When Erastus Plays His Old Kazoo
the most complete version I have found so far

When Erastus Plays His Old Kazoo-a few words
No recording just part of the words, but some I haven't run across elsewhere.

A bit unusual but at least they know there were kazoos in 1902

Old Catalogs
Whaley, Royce & Company; Musical instruments -- Canada Catalogs, Manufacturers
Catalog No. 20
Lists Kazoos & Vocophones

Randolph Wurlitzer Company--1901  
Lists: Kazoos, Vocophones (regular and bronzed), Zobos
and Comic hats and caps for Vocophone bands

Vocophone Illustrations



NEW-Zubrycky --  A member of AAK

NEW-Paratata, De Andere, Heer Dinges, KaZoem, Aerdrijk
including Roeland --  A member of AAK

NEW-Too Hot For Snakes
Terry Allan Hall--A member of AAK

Zippedy the Clown
Zippedy the Clown is the alter ego of artist/educator Robert Gluckson, M.A. --  A member of AAK

Carolina Chocolate Drops

The most enthusiastic kazooing I have seen

Doc Wood Jug Band
Including Chris Azevedo--  A member of AAK 
Old-style blues and jug band tunes.

You will never think about a kazoo the same way again.

Wally Amos

The Genuine Jug Band

Mad City Jug Band

including Beverly Hills--A member of AAK



The Mound City Blue Blowers

Kazoo Books
The Tommy Talker Bands of the West Riding:
the history and development of a working-class entertainment
Out of print but can be found at some on line book sellers if you do a search.

King of Kazoo
by Robert Newton Peck
A kids picture book and a musical complete complete with score.

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