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Joining AAK

Join like minded people to support the most versital instrument, the KAZOO.  Free.

Get a membership certificate to print, frame and hang on the wall.

Get a membership card to print, and finish that is also a kazoo you can carry anywhere.

Join AAK by filling out the following form. To prevent others from subscribing you without your permission, you will be sent an e-mail message asking you to verify your subscription. When you do so, your request will be held for approval by the list moderator, and you will be notified of the moderator's decision by e-mail. This is also a hidden list, which means that the list of members is available only to the list administrator.  This is not a general email list. You will only receive occasional messages from the administrator.

The automated subscribing system is not working right now.

Please just send me an  email at with the subject:
Joining AAK

You will then receive a form to fill out about your kazoo experience and interests.  This is not to see if you qualify for membership. (Anyone who studies anything about kazoos is a kazoologist and therefore eligible).  This is so we know what members know and want to know about kazooz, and so we know what name to put on your membership certificate and card, and to let you know that while this does not operate as a mailing list, you will receive occasional emails.
is the email list group for people who want to discuss and ask questions about kazoos.

When your membership has been approved, you will get an e-mail with 2 attachments, 1) your membership certificate which you can print out and display, and  2) a membership card that you can print on card stock (or on paper and glue to cardboard from a cereal box--brand of your choice) and assemble according to directions on the card.

Minor Members

Minors can become AAK members by having an adult member act as contact and send a list of names to put on their certificates and cards. The names do not have to be real, nick names are fine. We will have no other information about them and they will not be contacted directly. The names are kept in a separate file.  It would be up to the adult member to pass along any relevant information.   

Upon coming of age a minor member may request to become an adult member, keeping the same number, with the option of getting a certificate and card with a different name on it.