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Kids Kazooz
Not your typical cardboard roll kazoos, but just as easy.

Just because these are the simplest, doesn't mean you have to be a kid to make and enjoy them.
Young children may need help with cutting.

There are a lot of different playing techniques, not all of them will work with all of these kazoos & kazoids.

I will try to add pictures as soon as possible.

Pocket Kazoo

Materials & Tools
The body--A scrap of thin cardboard about 2" square
Membrane--A scrap of plastic grocery bag about 2" square
Rubber Cement is what I find works best, but white glue (Elmer's Etc.) sort of works.

Fold the cardboard in half.
Cut a hole about 3/4 inch diameter in the card.
Circles are nice, but a diamond shape only takes two cuts, so they are a lot quicker.

Glue the membrane to one side of the cardboard to cover the hole.
Trim any plastic that sticks over the outside edges of the cardboard.

You can decorate the other side.
Hum through the hole with the mouth barely touching the cardboard.
Play from from the plastic covered side so you won't make the cardboard soggy.

You can go here for further directions and  to print 20 colorful ones onto a sheet of cardstock to make.
here is are some red, white and blue ones to print.
If you don't have printable cardstock, you can print on paper and glue to thin cardboard.

Soda Straw Kazoo
This is not the one sometimes found on the web that is really a soda straw oboe.  
You can tell this one is a kazoo, because it works when you hum, not blow into it.

Materials & Tools
The body--A piece of plastic straw at least 5/16" diameter.     The thinner ones won't work.
Membrane--A scrap of plastic kitchen wrap about 1"-2" square
A very small rubber band.

Place the membrane over one end of the straw.
Secure it with the rubber band.

Do not close your lips all the way around it. There needs to be a little bit of room for the air to come out of the straw.

Wrapper Kazoid
This is actually a kazoid not a kazoo, because it doesn't have a separate diaphragm.  

The whole instrument is the vibrating surface.

& Tools
not too big wrappers from edible things like Kool Aid Singles, Candy Bars, etc.

Use scissors to cut off both ends of the wrapper and remove the enclosed product.
Important: In the case of powders, cut off one end, remove the product into a glass, then cut off the other end.

Place one end in your mouth and hum strongly.  
If there is little or no sound, try touching or holding  the wrapper in various ways while humming.
How you hold it affects the sound.

Different sizes and wrapper material with sound diferently.

You can try making and playing your own by gluing or taping a rectangle of a membrane material to form a tube.

Tell me about your kazoos

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