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Bath House Brass Patent
Explained to the best of my ability.

Most patents have a duration of 20 years. They can not be extended or renewed.  At the time of this writing (early 2013) the information contained in any patent issued before 1992 can be used by anyone.

This patent was difficult to understand, mostly because of the obscure language. I have tried to simplify it to make it understandable to anyone who wants to use the information in it.
If there is something still not clear, please email me at

Patent # 3484799  VOICE_AMPLIFIER_TOY--1969-----------------------George W. Sioles, Thomas D. Murtaugh & John W. Ryan Assignors to Mattel, Inc.---------Bath House Brass Patent  

Bath House Brass 01

01)---These are the drawings in the patent. The following pages have various parts color coded to, hopefully, make it easier to understand.  You can view the accompanying discription on the patent at 

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