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Kazoo Science
Tubular Gamitadera with membrane
Some experiments and analysis of simple mirlitons.

What a Kazoo!
How to make a cardboard tube kazoo and simple explanation of why it amplifies your voice.

How a Kazoo makes Sounds
A science fair project for you to do.

Kazoo Design
Brass Instrument Acoustics
How the shape of the tube affects sound.

Pipes and Harmonics
Why do closed conical bores have the same set of resonances as open cylindrical bores of the same length,
whereas closed cylindrical bores of the same length have only odd harmonics starting one octave lower?

Kazoo Construction
Building kazoos--Many types of kazoos for you to make

The KickStarter Project

George "Butch" Collins AKA "The Old Kazoo Maker"  has opened a project at to seek backers
 for his project to make a documentary on kazoo making. 

100 Kazooz in My Pocket 
My first instructable. How to make a very easy very small kazoo

A slightly different cardboard tube kazoo

How to make a wooden kazoo

Carrot Kazoo
How to make a kazoo out of a carrot

Chocolate Kazoo
Experiments in making an edible kazoo

Clothes Pin Kazoo

Construccion de Instrumentos Tradicionales
Construction of a mirliton on a Spanish site about the construction of traditional instruments.
Some of the other wind instruments could be made into mirlitons, also.
Foil Membrane Kazoo

First Night Kazoos 
A slightly different toilet paper roll kazoo. No hole in the side of the tube. Slits are cut in the wax paper.

Glass Bottle Kazoo

Harmonica and Kazoo Combined
How to make a combination Harmonica and Kazoo

How to make a wooden kazoo 
Although many people on Youtube don't know the difference between a kazoo, a straw oboe and several other things,
this does show how to make a wooden kazoo.

Ideas for Kids' Music Crafts 
Making a kazoo like instrument out of potatoe chip can lids (I presume they mean Pringles can lids).
Since Ehow instructions don't have any pictures
I don't entirely understand them. Will need a little experimentation.

YouTube Video showing making mirlitons from bamboo in South America.

Jamboree Freedom in Education 
Make a kazoo from an elder branch or bamboo

A French page of instructions for tube mirliton (French for kazoo) & variations including a double kazoo
Google English Translation

Paper Mirlitons

Images on Flickr of two mirlitons to make from paper or thin cardboard.
The instructions are in French, but it is not too hard to follow the pictures

Red, White & Blue Pocket Kazooz
Like my previous pocket kazooz instructable, but in colors suitable for
4th of July, Memorial Day, Veterans Day, Flag Day, etc.
Make them and hand out to everyone for a holiday concert.
Simple Flutes: Experiments with Membranes
 The first is how to make a simple tube mirliton (kazoo). The other two are auxillary mirlitions.

Plastic pipe, plastic soda bottle, duct tape and plastic bag

Kazoo Accessories

Instructables--Kazoo Amplifier from a Paper Coffee Cup 
An accessory for a submarine style kazoo

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